The Reviews Keep Pouring In

Ocean of Secrets postcardsIn her balanced Top 2 Bottom review, Gabbi praises my “real knack for writing compelling characters”, and says that Ocean of Secrets “will definitely please those readers who love anything Titanic….” Thanks, Gabbi!

The Top 2 Bottom review joins a host of generally positive reviews for Ocean of Secrets. It is very encouraging to get this much validation right out of the gate! I have written about other Ocean of Secrets reviews in previous posts, but here they are for your convenience:

  • Convergence Book Reviews: “…an excellent twist on…historical romances”, with “many layers to sort through….”
  • Divine Magazine: “…I had high expectations for this story…. It didn’t disappoint…. Overall, a stunning presentation of a realistic snapshot into history.”
  • Bike Book Reviews: “…the book lived up to my expectations and then some! … The sparks between these two are insane, and the chemistry electric…. This book is amazing! There are so many surprises and oh my goodness moments that you will be riveted from cover to cover!”

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