Author Life Month

Jerry at Titanic exhibitHi everybody! Even though I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been busy here with writing and re-writing manuscripts. My readers only ever get to see the end product of my hard work, not all the time and effort that goes into each novel.

To help you get an idea of what an author’s life is like, I decided to participate in Author Life Month. Each day, participating authors are tweeting or posting on a specific topic. For a full list of the topics, check out this Instagram post.

You can keep up with my day-to-day posts by friending me on Facebook or following me on Twitter. To give you an idea of what you can expect, here are some sample posts:

  • Day 1 – Your Books The Saint of San Francisco, The Rosary and the Badge, Noble’s Savior, Fair in Love, and Ocean of Secrets
  • Day 2 – Author Photo The photo (above) was taken at a Titanic exhibit
  • Day 4 – Your WIP My current work-in-progress is about a soldier with PTSD who is shipwrecked with a bunch of people, and they are pursued by drug dealers
  • Day 5 – Where You Write I do my writing at home and at the local Argo Tea
  • Day 8 – Awesome Moment Every moment has been awesome, especially the signings and hearing from the many people who support me, both authors and fans

To find more posts like mine, search for hashtag #authorlifemonth on your favorite social media!

Meeting Nu-Blu

Jerry with Nu-BluI had a happy accident last weekend! Some friends and I met the members of the band, Nu-Blu. We happened to be eating at the same restaurant on Sunday night.

We noticed them right away when they sat down, but it wasn’t until we saw their tour bus outside the restaurant that we were able to confirm their identities.

The musicians proved to be a very friendly bunch. They were kind enough to take this photo with us in the restaurant parking lot. They said they were in town for the Frankfort Bluegrass festival, which took place this past weekend.

I couldn’t help but wonder what my character Travis McAllan would think if he were to meet these folks. I think he would be a fan….

Summer Fun

Lake Geneva marinaJerry at Abbey resortWriting is part of my daily routine, no matter what. But that doesn’t keep me from taking trips and doing different things!

In May, Dean and I celebrated the sixth wedding anniversary of some good friends at Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva. There was so much to do at this place. In spite of incessant rain, we had a lot of fun, good food and relaxation.

Jerry looking at cylinders

In June, I went to the annual Antique Phonograph & Music Box Show in Union, IL. I’ve only missed a few years since the show started. It is my chance to indulge in one of my great passions: antique phonographs and records. This year, I bought an Eddison Amberol 30, which plays cylinder records. It has been a joy to listen to music recorded a hundred years ago.

Phonograph Show in Union IL

Phonograph Show in Union IL

Jerry Belmont Harbor

Some of my entertainments have been closer to home. Dean and I live around the corner from Belmont Harbor, where many of the sailboats in Chicago are docked. We often bring food there and have a picnic by the water. Dean always remarks, “This is the life.”

Dean’s family has a cabin on a lake in Wisconsin, so we have also been there several times this summer. We either go for the day or stay over night. It is a very quiet place, especialy when you are used to the noise of the city. You will often find me sitting by the water with my rosary.

Clear Lake in Milton WI

Clear Lake in Milton WI