Ocean of Secrets Well-Liked

FOTBB0CAnother glowing review of my latest novel, Ocean of Secrets, is available online. This one is over at Convergence Book Reviews. The reviewer calls it “an excellent twist” on the tropes of historic fiction, and says, “The cast of characters here is pretty great.”

Thank you for the great reivew, Convergence! I’m glad you enjoyed my work, and I hope you will take the time to explore my back catalog.

You can order your own paperback or eBook copy of Ocean of Secrets over at the Dreamspinner Press website.

5-Star Review for Ocean of Secrets

Ocean of Secrets Jerry openingOcean of Secrets received an incredible 5-star review from Divine Magazine! I always love when reading a review is almost as fun as writing the book. Reviewer Elaine White found it “a stunning presentation of a realistic snapshot into history” that “didn’t disappoint” her “high expectations”. Thank you, Elaine and Divine Magazine! I’m so glad you liked my work! Read the whole review here.

Book Signing for Fair In Love

Fair in Love postcard frontWhen: Saturday, June 6.  4:00 – 7:00pm
Where: 3042 N Broadway Ave.  Chicago IL 60657

When Geoff Randsell fell for Country music sensation Travis McAllan, he felt like he was living in a dream.

Dreams collide with reality when Travis’ fame come between them.  Will theirs be another break-up for the tabloids to celebrate?

Fair in Love by Jerry Sacher – buy your copy at his book signing, which takes place at Stella’s Diner, back dining area.  Jerry Sacher invites you to this very special occasion!

Fair in Love is available May 18.  If you are unable to attend the signing, you may order your paperback or eBook copy directly from www.dreamspinnerpress.com.