The Rosary and the Badge

The Rosary and the Badge Excerpt

The Rosary And The BadgeJeremy Haniver has finally started his new life in San Francisco, where he has a job working in a Castro coffee shop and a boyfriend, police officer Mark Caparelli, to watch out for him. After solving the mystery surrounding the death of a young sailor, Jeremy and Mark are ready to lay off the adventure for awhile. But trouble has a way of finding Jeremy no matter how hard Mark tries to keep him out of it.

When Jeremy unwittingly bids on a piece of jewelry stolen from the sunken ship Empress of Ireland, trouble comes calling — literally. First Jeremy receives bizarre threatening phone calls demanding the object’s return. Next, around town he starts seeing a stranger — the jewelry’s “owner”? Then Jeremy finds himself being held prisoner — and it’s up to Mark to find him and free him before it’s too late.

Available in paperback and eBook.