Author Life Month

Jerry at Titanic exhibitHi everybody! Even though I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been busy here with writing and re-writing manuscripts. My readers only ever get to see the end product of my hard work, not all the time and effort that goes into each novel.

To help you get an idea of what an author’s life is like, I decided to participate in Author Life Month. Each day, participating authors are tweeting or posting on a specific topic. For a full list of the topics, check out this Instagram post.

You can keep up with my day-to-day posts by friending me on Facebook or following me on Twitter. To give you an idea of what you can expect, here are some sample posts:

  • Day 1 – Your Books The Saint of San Francisco, The Rosary and the Badge, Noble’s Savior, Fair in Love, and Ocean of Secrets
  • Day 2 – Author Photo The photo (above) was taken at a Titanic exhibit
  • Day 4 – Your WIP My current work-in-progress is about a soldier with PTSD who is shipwrecked with a bunch of people, and they are pursued by drug dealers
  • Day 5 – Where You Write I do my writing at home and at the local Argo Tea
  • Day 8 – Awesome Moment Every moment has been awesome, especially the signings and hearing from the many people who support me, both authors and fans

To find more posts like mine, search for hashtag #authorlifemonth on your favorite social media!

Ocean of Secrets Cover

Ocean of SecretsI am proud to reveal the cover for my forthcoming novel, Ocean of Secrets! My designers at Dreamspinner Press did a great job envisioning the main characters, Andrew Elliot (right) and Matthew Ahearn (left).

Ocean of Secrets will be released in just a few short months. Check back here for updates regarding the release date and more! In the meantime, here is the blurb that will appear on the back cover….

It’s April of 1912, and Andrew Elliot is traveling to America with his fiancee and her brother, but there’s no love match here. Andrew’s parents are hoping that marriage will cure him of his feelings for a young man who works on the family estate.

Matthew Ahearn, an Irishman, dreams of adventure in the American West, so he takes a job on a ship bound for America. In the magical world of an ocean voyage the worlds of Andrew and Matthew collide…. The ship is the unsinkable Titanic.

Fair In Love: Plot Summary

Fair in Love, which is set to be released on May 18, features my take on celebrity culture, including the difference between one’s public life and private reality.  There is a whole new cast of characters for you to meet, including a sexy Country megastar, an overbearing television has-been and a hot-headed televangelist!

Fair In Love coverTravis McAllan is one of America’s top country music stars—loved by fans, he lives the dreamed-of life of a country boy who has made it. The lifestyle of a star, however, comes at a cost, and Travis keeps his sexuality a secret until he meets Geoff Randsell. The attraction is immediate and jolts Travis from his life of pretense.

Geoff has a secret of his own—he’s in a rocky relationship, and he’s not impressed by Hollywood glitz. When he falls for Travis, Geoff is swept off his feet, and he is both dazzled by and apprehensive about the celebrity lifestyle of private planes, mansions, and travel.

When a photographer sells a picture of Travis and Geoff to the tabloids, their courtship and private world comes under fire. Travis must risk his music career to be with the man he loves, and Geoff has to make the difficult choice to accept a life in the public eye.

In the face of increasing pressure, Travis and Geoff must stay true to themselves to get to the altar and say “I do.”

Pre-order now in paperback or eBook formats!